About Verbum

I launched in Verbum in 2006, as a place for photographers, movies and music lovers. It is growing to include foodie photos with plans to review cafes and restaurants. If you love movies, music and photography, you will feel right at home here.

After a little while, I was offered exclusive access to content relating to The Watchmen movie before it was released. That was an amazing experience. I got to blog about a movie I love and reach people with the same interest.

As a visual person, I’ve worked as a graphic designer, web designer and amateur video editor. I’ve worked on massive websites, and been fortunate to help out on some TV commercial shoots. My day job is very different though. I’m a Digital Transformation Manager and Agile coach.

I also play a bit of guitar and bass which has given me an appreciation for a wide range of music — mainly blues, funk, prog rock, and jazz.

Don’t get me started on food. My daughter got me into MasterChef and now I can’t stop learning how to cook and taking photos of beautifully presented, delicious food. I was actually invited to eat a meal for free at a local cafe. Why? because one third of their Instagram feed was my photos lol

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the blog. Leave me a message if you’d like me to review something.

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