Killing Them Softly

October 26, 2012

Jackie Cogan is a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game. — IMDB The story is interesting because it’s not just about crime, it sets the story against the backdrop of harsh economic times. The script is reminiscent of the kind of dialogue in so many Quentin Tarantino […]

Tai Chi 0 (zero) brings the old school Wu Xia genre to life with spectacular martial arts and steampunk! The film tells the story of Yang Lu Chan (played by Yuan Xiaochao), who has a growth on his forehead, which, when pressed, transforms him into a raging machine of martial arts mayhem. The downside? It […]

Avatar movie review

December 18, 2009

Let me just say this up front… Avatar is amazing! It’s no wonder that Wired magazine said that this movie will change film forever. When James Cameron first conceived Avatar, 15 years ago, the technology did not exist to make his dream a reality. He spent time developing the technology, even going as far as […]

In the movie, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, the G.I. JOE team had an “accelerator suit” in their arsenal. Over on Dailymotion, RubberMen has posted a video where one of the JOEs puts on the suit and goes skating on a vert ramp. Very cool