Mobile post from iPhone

March 8, 2009

I’ve just installed BlogWriter Lite to test the app. It let’s me blog from anywhere using my iPhone! Stay tuned for more! Subscribe via RSS

How to use Firebug for CSS

February 14, 2009

Kristarella has put together a great tutorial video on using Firebug for CSS experimenting, tweaking… those situations where you want to see how someone has used CSS or if you want to try different things but don’t want to edit the original stylesheet. Check it out at the link below. via How to use Firebug […]

Just saw this about Snow Leopard – the next version of Mac OS X: Snow Leopard could be the biggest OS X update ever thanks to one killer feature – speed and performance that will take everyday computing to the next level. Read more on TG Daily

According to [The Vine](, schools in Australia are finding ways to use iPods as a learning tool. A pilot program in which teenagers used iPods for school work has increased attendance and increased enthusiasm for homework. This comes as no surprise really. There are so many applications out there now for the iPhone and iPod […]