Remember the [Etch-A-Sketch]( An Etch A Sketch is a thick, flat gray screen in a plastic frame. There are two knobs on the front of the frame in the lower corners. Twisting the knobs moves a stylus that displaces aluminum powder on the back of the screen, leaving a solid line. The knobs create lineographic […]

Journey to Arundel

July 20, 2008

I’ve always wanted to see a real castle. So today I caught the train to Arundel Castle. From Victoria station, you’ll need to change trains at Chichester or Bognor Regis. After a reasonably quick train ride … about an hour from Victoria Station, I arrived at Arundel station. The castle is about a 10 minute […]

A friend of a friend has recently published a [website]( which showcases some of his sculptures. I like the Jingoisms section but it’s all good. Check it out: [](