October 2012

Killing Them Softly

October 26, 2012

Jackie Cogan is a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game. — IMDB The story is interesting because it’s not just about crime, it sets the story against the backdrop of harsh economic times. The script is reminiscent of the kind of dialogue in so many Quentin Tarantino […]

Blade Runner billboard

Blade Runner sequel

October 12, 2012

In an interview with Metro, Ridley Scott revealed three things sci-fi movie fans will appreciate. Deckard is a replicant! A sequel to Blade Runner is happening. A Prometheus sequel is in the works. When asked about the Blade Runner sequel, Ridley Scott said: What’s even more exciting, is the possible link between the worlds of […]


October 2, 2012

Set in the year 2044, Looper explores that age old paradox – time travel. The idea is interesting and is sure to attract most sci-fi fans. As it did me. The premise, “we can alter the future by changing the past” is assumed to be true in Loopers. So we meet Joe, who’s a Looper […]