October 2006

The sound of Cilla Jane

October 30, 2006

I recently redesigned a website for a friend of mine, Cilla. Check out her website, you can even download some tunes for free at the moment… [http://www.cilla.com.au/](http://www.cilla.com.au/) Rock on Cilla!!!

[](http://www.canberrafilmfestival.com.au/) This year, The [Canberra International Film Festival](http://www.canberrafilmfestival.com.au/) celebrates 10 years! In that time, over 155 films have been screened, all of them Canberra premiers and a large proportion of Australian premiers. This year is bigger than ever with 26 films to be screened over 11 days. For the second year running, I was proud […]