September 2006

Jackson Pollock – Flash style

September 14, 2006

How cool is this? []( Try the spacebar, control, alt keys The Flash code is called Splatter You can download the swf here, [](

I recently completed a job for a government department. The job was to make an HTML version of their printed annual report. They made the comment that the font used on the website was different from the printed version. Here is my response: > As with colours, we have a limited number of fonts that […]

Backhand pivot card trick

September 3, 2006

Hey peoples Check out my bro performing the “backhand pivot” [](

Eagle Hawk Neck

September 3, 2006

In colonial times, fierce guard dogs were tethered in a line across the width of Eaglehawk Neck and soldiers patrolled the line to ensure no prisoners escaped from the notorious Port Arthur penal settlement. Today Eaglehawk Neck is a quiet fishing village on the narrow isthmus between the Tasman Peninsula and the Forestier Peninsula. More […]