August 2006

Port Arthur

August 31, 2006

The Port Arthur penal settlement began life as a small timber station in 1830. Originally designed as a replacement for the recently closed timber camp at Birches Bay, Port Arthur quickly grew in importance within the penal system of the colonies. The initial decade of settlement saw a penal station hacked from the bush, and […]

Tessellated Pavement

August 30, 2006

Another photo from Tasmania. The Tessellated Pavement at Eagle Hawk Neck. > The Tessellated Pave is an inter-tidal platform where an unusual set of geological circumstances has resulted in a rare landform. Around 265 million years ago, a depression in the Earth’s surface was located in central-western Tasmania. Muddy sediments built up, sea ice or […]

Tahune Forest air walk

August 26, 2006

Tasmania is like the last frontier well… maybe not “the last” but it sure is pretty. Here’s a picture I took of one of the Tahune Forest air walk viewing platforms overlooking the Huon River near the junction with the Picton River. []( If you get the chance, visit Tasmania and explore some of the […]

Cool music videos and songs

August 22, 2006

Here are some cool clips, I like the time remapping effects in particular … [In Flames – Cloud Connected]( [In Flames – Trigger]( I’m shooting a video for [Dance wtih Amps]( at the moment, hopefully we can come up with something this good… at no budget! hahaha