May 2006

Mac lightsaber

May 29, 2006

Here’s a cool idea… > Introducing [MacSaber 1.0]( Using your Mac’s sudden motion sensor, this software turns your computer into a Jedi weapon almost worthy of taking on the real thing by making authentic lightsaber sound effects. It senses speed for the lightsaber movement sounds and acceleration for different levels of striking sounds. You can […]

Do you do photoshop?

May 26, 2006

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Congratulations to [Adam]( and Karen on the birth of little Georgia!! I trust Mum and baby are well. All our thoughts are with you on this fantastic day! Well done son!!!

5 Steps to CSS Heaven

May 24, 2006

As we move towards a semantic, structured web… sometimes it’s the little things that make life so much easier. If you’re a front-end developer like me, Jon over at PingMag has written [an excellent article]( that will help you get there a little more easily. He begins: > Writing CSS is very much like having […]